Engage teaches you to launch and maintain your own lead generation strategy by building leads based on existing but stale LinkedIn connections. We guide you as a subject matter expert through a review of existing connections and develop an initial messaging and distribution strategy focused on these limited targets. We will train you on the tools and techniques of digital lead generation for a set period of time (minimum 3 months recommended). Additional coaching and personal account management will be available upon request.

Training includes:

  • How to to identify and connect with targets 
  • How to develop messaging for connections
  • How to develop and maintain a content distribution schedule
  • Best practices for reporting and tracking of responses and key sales indicators
  • Best practices for working with sales and marketing teams to ensure continuity of messaging and sales cycle
  • On-going coaching and support as needed

*We may recommend upgrading your LinkedIn account to Premium or Sales Navigator depending on goals

I never realized how few of my connections on LinkedIn were my actual targets. I’ve been able to focus on increasing my network in a very strategic way.