For complex professional sales, generating leads can be a difficult and expensive task. Decision makers are widening their personal circles to peers and experts who can validate their strategic direction and recommend products and services. Thought leadership for lead generation can help get you invited into that circle where the response tends to be more favorable and faster than traditional business development outreach.  

Connect the Dots Digital can help you:

Screenshot 2018-03-14 17.45.21.png
  • Generate qualified leads with buyers and influencers that are more likely to close

  • Improve the quality of warm leads from the people and organizations that you are targeting

  • Reduce the time of your overall sales cycle

  • Engage high-value employees in the sales process, leading to better customers and repeat business

  • Foster employee satisfaction by improving reputations and recognition as subject matter experts

  • Reduce the cost of lead generation and non-value added sales activities

  • Enrich and suport other business development and marketing activities, bringing additional leads and revenue

I never realized how few of my connections on LinkedIn were my actual targets. I’ve been able to focus on increasing my network in a very strategic way.