Are you leveraging yourself as a subject matter expert in your field to increase revenue?

We provide authentic and valuable communications between clients and their intended targets. By highlighting the expertise of company founders, subject matter experts, and other non-sales professionals, we build the trust needed to open the door to a conversation, qualified lead and sale. Personal and targeted messages work to break through the noise of today's automated and impersonal communications. Thought leadership for lead generation increases revenue because buyers want to buy from trusted peers. 


We work with subject matter experts (SMEs) on Thought leadership for lead generation using LinkedIn. Managing personal LinkedIn accounts on the SME's behalf, we do the following:

Photo by jastrijebphoto/iStock / Getty Images
  • Identify targets (both current connections and potential connections)
  • Send requests to connect on behalf of the SME
  • Develop messaging to send to identified contacts once they become connections
  • Develop on-going messaging to continue to stay relevant and top of mind to targeted connections. 
  • Develop a content distribution schedule, working in alignment with marketing team as applicable. This includes posting both curated and original content.
  • Reporting and tracking of responses and key sales indicators
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to ensure continuity of messaging and sales cycle
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support as needed

This significantly shortened our sales cycle. In some cases, proposals went out on the same day that a personal message was sent through LinkedIn.